In the details….

Do you love details?  I love details.  I love to know the ‘who what when why how’.  One of the things that God has been teaching me this year is that He is in the details.  He cares about the details – He cares about the big picture – He created the big picture (which is just as well for those times when our lives are like puzzle pieces and we can’t see the whole thing!) – but He also has his finger on the little details in our lives.

Want to know some details?  Want to know what encourages me?  How I know that I am not forgotten by Him.  What makes me smile…

Our move to America came about with God being so ever present in the details….

I’ll get personal shall I?

Before our move was all definite the Spunky Hunk and I had been ‘trying’ for baby number 3.  This baby has been long awaited for – I had been very sick and on pain killers that made getting pregnant not a good idea – when I was well enough to come off these pain killers, we felt it was time to try for a bambino.  We tried.  And we tried.  And we endured that whole month by month roller coaster ride.  Even went so far as to see if there was any physical reason why it wasn’t happening.  And there was no reason.  According to the physical world.  But according to God’s plan, it wasn’t the right timing.  The move was finalised – the visas were approved – and here we are.  Had I got pregnant when we thought it was to happen – it would have posed a slight problem with packing up (I am an up-chucker!), health insurance and all things financial!!    God is in the details.

As far as belongings and assets go, by Western standards we don’t have much.  Before the move happened our car was on ‘its last legs’.  So we knew we needed to sell it while it was still worth a bit of money.  So we sold it and we had a car set aside by an importer for us to buy.  It looked like a great deal.  In the physical world it would have suited our needs and been great to have.  When the car came into the country and the Spunky Hunk went to test drive it, we just didn’t feel right about buying it. Nothing had changed about the car – it was still going to be a great car.  We had some money for it but would have had to go into debt to pay for the rest of it.  We held off buying it, instead kept the money in savings, were able to borrow a car in the meantime and then the move happened.  That money we had reserved for the car came in mighty handy when starting ourselves off here (very handy considering the NZ exchange rate – we got approx US 53cents to every dollar we had…).  God is in the details.

When we were waiting for visa approval our oldest son was due to start his new school year. (The NZ school year runs from Feb to Dec). We had no idea how long we were to wait until we moved…we had to decide whether to start him in a new class with a new teacher for an unknown amount of time, or to keep him out and homeschool – thus sparing him some emotional anguish.  So we kept him out of school and it was the best thing.  It meant the move was easy for him – he wasn’t leaving behind close friendships and he was able to help us in the moving process every step of the way. I have also used this time to really concentrate and consolidate the basics with reading, writing and math. We’ve been able to provide him with all the love and consistency in a time of change that his little personality has needed.  God is in the details.

Every step of the way with setting ourselves up in a new place, we’ve been blessed.  We’re in a great rental house, thanks to some Godly landlords who lowered the price for us.  We’ve had furniture given to us.  A car provided for our use. We were able to get a much better deal for health insurance than first quoted.  Even a co-worker of the Spunky Hunk has been able to point me in the right direction for finding food suitable for my food allergy (coeliac disease).  God is in the details.

How He loves us.  Those details are to show His love don’t ya think?


But why?

First – a little about why the need for this blog.  Quite simply I don’t think I get all my words out in the day.  You know how women have so many words that they need to say in a day, well I just don’t get them all out and spoken, so, why not write them?

I’m a legal alien here in America.  We moved here in April ’09.  I miss my ‘besties’ back in New Zealand. I miss our God talks and our encouragement to each other, to be the best Mothers, Wives and Friends we can be.  I was and am blessed to have amazing friends – we have such similar desires and hunger for God.  Only problem is a little thing called a time difference and the fact that it makes communication harder.  SO.  A new blog.  For me.  To focus on my thoughts, dreams, challenges and joys.

So, please join me as I nagivate my way through this new life of mine, and praying and hoping that I am able to do my utmost for His highest……