This gift we have

Yesterday I was thinking some deep and meaningful thoughts along the lines of self-confidence and outward awareness.  I posted on facebook:

I really admire people who remain outward focused and concerned about others, while keeping their own self-confidence healthy. Too often it is a case of having either, or.

And it is true.  I do admire those people in my life who have a healthy self-esteem yet still have concern and time for others.  But, in all honesty, there aren’t many of those people around.

Do you ever find yourself in the situation where you easily find words to encourage someone but then it becomes an expected behaviour from you, and you feel like you transition from encouraging friend to number one fan club?  I guess this happens where there in no reciprocity in the friendship – no two way encouragement.

Unfortunately I see all too often people who appear to have lots of self-confidence, a very positive self-esteem and their worlds are mainly concerned about themselves – their trials and victories, their lives.  But notice I said people who appear, appear to have it all together on the outside.  

The truth is we all could do with more encouragement.

The truth is we all need each other.

If you’ve spent any time at all on my blog you’ll know that this is my thing.  My heartache.  The thing I will harp on and on ad infinitum and ad nauseam.

We need each other.  We need community.

We have this gift at our disposal.  Each and every one of us.  Not matter how confident and secure in ourselves we are, or appear to be.  We need to give this gift and we need to receive this gift.

We all have the gift of caring.  Of taking an extra two seconds to ask someone about themselves.  Of taking the spotlight off of ourselves and onto another person.

We don’t need fan clubs.

We need people around us who care.  Who love.  Who stand by us.  Who are present.  We need to be those people to others.

Even if those others don’t reciprocate.  Love anyway.

Even if those others have quite well established fan clubs.  Give of yourself anyway.

The gift is inside of us, just waiting to be delivered.

Why, why, why is this so important?  Why, why, why am I convinced that we need to do this more and more?  Why won’t I shut up about it?

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” – John 13:35

There has to be something in us that appeals to others.  There has to be something in us that makes us different to scores of other friends.  That something and someone is the Lord.  By loving others – the spotlight is shone quite brightly on Him.

And that’s what it is all about:

Caring about others, because He cares for us.  Showing others we care through word and deed, because He cares for us.

Giving others this gift we have – this gift of caring – because when we start to use this gift, it never runs out.  It’s like a never-ending fountain of goodness and flows on and on.  A well that never dries up.

This gift we have.




The world of Me.

Seems to me there is a bit of an epidemic these days.  People – and especially those who participate in blogland seem a little obsessed with me, myself and I.

I get that at the start of a new calendar year it is always a good thing to set goals, to make lists, to prioritize and to get one’s house in order – literally and figuratively.  It is a good thing.  I like order and goals as much as the next pinterest obsessed person desperately wondering where to store the kids’ loot from Christmas.  But.  And this is a big BUT.  (my husband would giggle at that).  There is a danger when we are so compelled to write/ talk/ facebook/ blog/ tweet about me and my plans…..what I am going to do etc…..our focus becomes so inward that we forget what we are called to do.  We forget that we are called to be salt and light.  We forget that true, real joy comes from Jesus first, Yourself last and Others in between.

Self-centeredness = today’s robber of happiness for so many people.  I believe this.  I truly do.  I reckon that if more people would start thinking of others and of serving others and putting others desires and needs before their own then we would see things like the rate of depression come down, we would see happier and healthier children in our schools, we would see communities that actively show they care for people and we would see a generation of people actually being Jesus with skin on.

So.  Instead of me ranting on about how much this whole attitude thing disgusts me….how about you be real with me, and share with me a prayer need you have at the moment.  I’m not going to publish the comments from this post – but I can promise you this – by taking my eyes of myself and my own worries and issues and by chatting to my heavenly Father about whatever needs you have, then I’m doing myself a huge favour and I am going to be more joy-filled and it is a win win situation.