My Temple

‘Haven’t you yet learned that your body is the home of the Holy Spirit God gave you, and that he lives within you?  Your own body does not belong to you.  For God has bought you with a great price.  So use every part of your body to give glory back to God, because he owns it’

– 1 Corinthians 6: 19,20

I was a very brave lady on Friday. I went to see an optometrist to get an eye exam.  Yes I was brave.  Now for you, that would probably have been a very ordinary thing to do – it would not have been a blimp on your radar screen at all.  But for me – it was huge.  I am a bit embarrassed to tell you why………but here goes.  I hadn’t been to get my eye’s checked for a-hmmmm years.  You didn’t hear that?  Sorry.  It has been several years since my last check up.  Ok ok the truth……it had been seven years!  Yes.  SEVEN!!!!  I wear contact lenses.  Day in, day out.  My glasses are twelve years old – bent, lop-sided, and the prescription in them is way out of date, so I don’t wear them.  Just the contact lenses.

For those of you in the know you will know that this was very naughty of me.  I should get them checked yearly.   In fact ‘naughty’ doesn’t cut it.  Irresponsible is more the word.  And I knew that.  Hence the need for great bravery when I finally walked in to see the optometrist.  Now the optometrist in question was just lovely and only gave me a minimal telling off, perhaps because I was so mortified at myself, and thankfully my eyes are healthy – despite the lack of check-ups.  Although my vision had changed….

However – I know that if something was wrong with my eyes – if they were not healthy – it would have been my fault.  No-one else’s but mine.  Yes I can outline the reasons why I hadn’t had a check up sooner, but that does not excuse the fact that my body is my responsibility.  I believe that God can and does work miracles every day – He is a healing God.  But we have a responsibility to look after our bodies as best we can.  Our bodies are our temples.  The Holy Spirit dwells in ME.

When I read about the details that went into building Solomon’s Temple in the Bible, I am struck about the details in the construction, the respect shown to God throughout the process, and then the care that went into the maintenance and upkeep of the place.  What amazing workmanship!

Likewise, I am God’s workmanship.  He knit me together in my Mother’s womb.   Every part of me can give glory back to God.  Every part of me is owned by God.

I was a naughty girl for not getting my eyes checked sooner.  I have a responsibility to look after myself, my shell – not for vanity-sake or any other reason BUT because I am a temple, the Holy Spirit dwells in me.