He Sees

There’s this thing in me, that I suspect is also in you. And this ‘thing’ is this desire to be seen. To know that the things that cause our hearts to ache, our brows to furrow, these things are not just important to us, but to someone else.

This ‘thing’ isnt a desire for validation or even for encouragement, although that’s always nice…..but simply the knowledge that our struggles aren’t our own.

And I’m learning to remember, I’m learning to see, that God sees. He really does see.

God sees when we’re hurting. He sees when we make the effort, one more time. He sees when we struggle to be all we know we should be. He sees when our hearts are stretched and tugged in all sorts of directions.

He doesn’t miss a thing.

When we feel alone and lonely, we’re not. He’s right there.

When we’re in a crowd of thousands, still He sees us. He doesn’t miss a thing….

…..and the best part…..He sees us all with eyes of love…..And through eyes of love.

And that is worth remembering. 

He doesn’t miss a thing. We are known by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.